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2020 has been a powerful reminder that we are all in this together, and our choices and actions have the power to protect the most vulnerable among us in a big way. The same holds true when it comes to breast cancer.

With your support, we can show every woman that her life is important. By working together, we can inspire hope and become a force for good “to get her” access to the care she needs.

Learn about Breast Cancer

One of our top priorities is educating women on what they can do to be proactive with their breast health. Knowledge and early detection saves lives.

Overview    Early Detection    Diagnosis    Stages    Types    Treatment    

Thank you to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for all the information above.

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
1 in 4 women and nearly 1 in 10 men have experienced some form of intimate partner violence (IPV) in their lifetime. IPV is a form of domestic violence perpetrated by a current or former partner or spouse. It may include physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, or psychological harm. During the COVID-19 public health emergency, increases in IPV have been reported across the U.S. Health centers are uniquely positioned to address IPV, as 1 in 11 people nationwide rely on a health center for care. For more information on IPV click here.


Long Branch H.E.A.R.S. is dedicated to establishing Long Branch as a recovery healthy community through Health, Education Addiction and Recovery Support. We promote awareness and advocacy at the local level while creating partnerships, collaborating and building bridges between our county providers and programs.  Our ultimate vision is a supportive, stigma free prevention and recovery community!

We provide resources within our focus areas of Health, Education, Addiction & Recovery Support, for those struggling with addiction and their family members.  We work to build bridges between organizations that provide services for people either in active addiction or in recovery from substance use. By creating community forums and events, we foster connections and reduce stigma by educating the public about Substance Use Disorder.


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